This is the ORIGINAL Pup-Pee Wrap!
Don't be fooled by imitations!



PupPee Wrap does it all!

The PupPee Wrap has a panel underneath that holds an absorbent pad* to capture accidental piddles in the home, in the car, or when traveling.

Elastic makes the PupPee Wrap super comfortable and always fit snugly.

The absorbent pad is easy to replace without removing the PupPee Wrap. Just clip it back for travel or walking without worries about leaks or embarrassing accidents.

The Pup-Pee Wrap is a stylish way to go special places without making the hosts uncomfortable. The Pup-Pee Wrap is THE way to go everywhere and whenever you want!

Pup-Pee Wrap All-In-One Harness Wear is great for:

House Training
Marking Territories
Traveling with or without a portable kennel

Leaking and draining after surgery
Rashes or other underbelly irritation
Dogs in heat


*A common, absorbent feminine pad available in many retail stores.



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